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Prof. S. S. Basavanal Library
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Digital Library at Prof. S. S. Basavanal Library,

Karnatak University, Dharwad.


In order to cope up with the changing scenario in education system, Karnatak University, Dharwad has established a digital library at Prof. S. S. Basavanal Library with the help of Opportunity Foundation Trust, Bangalore (also known as Avasar Foundation), NGO based at Bangalore under their CSR funds.

There are 100 computers with all required furnitures and 30 KV back up. The computers are Wifi enabled and have antivirus software. Through this virtual learning centre the students and teachers of the University can have access to 10,000+ e-journals, databases from ACM Digital Library, American Chemical Society, American Institute of Physics, American Physical Society, Annual Reviews, ASCE Journals online, Economic and Political Weekly, JSTOR, Oxford University Press, Springer Link, Taylor and Francis provided by e-Shodhsindhu of Inflibnet and also to the subscribed e-content of the library like, EPWRF, ProQuest and also electronic version of all the thesis awarded by Karnatak University. Apart from this, the whole world of Open Access content in the form of e-journals, e-books, e-thesis etc. is thrown open to the academic community. 







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Prof. S. S. Basavanal Library Karnatak University, Pavate Nagar Dharwad - 580003 Karnataka. India